"Your business needs to start publishing massive amounts of varied and informative content"

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a must in today's online world.  Plus, it is a proven strategy to generate ongoing traffic, build trust and increase sales.  However, there's is no-one-size-fits all approach for every business.

On-page content is one of the most weighted elements in Google's algorithm.  When creating content it's vital that you understand how to write and optimize site content.  Without this, it is almost impossible to show up for any user searches.

We’ll talk about the true purpose of free content and how it fits into your overall profit plan. Then, we’ll cover how much free content is too much and how much you need to share in relation to your competitors.   Free content is really any content that you create to share your ideas, to earn trust and to build relationships with both your prospective and your existing customers.

Spotlight Content Marketing Calendar

Your clients want to see all sides of your business. It is important to showcase a portfolio of your business. Let them peek into who you are as a person, generate helpful posts, posts about your clients and your products for sale and much more.


Our Spotlight Content Calendar is divided into 7 content categories.  1 for each day of the week. It is termed the Spotlight Calendar as it shines the spotlight on a different aspect of your business each day of the week. The framework can be used across all social media platforms.


If you serious about getting your business noticed and ultimately gaining new and maintaining your existing clients, you need to use the Spotlight Content Calendar!  This is what needs to be done (minimum).  Once, you have cracked the code on “what to post” & “when to post” you’ll figure out how these platforms can work for you.